We were treated very professionally and were notified about other service/maintenance items that are coming up soon on our vehicle. They also performed the work they said they would and contacted us prior to doing any additional work making sure we knew of the additional costs and verifying we wanted the work completed at the time it was in.

5 Freedom 7/20/2017

Had my truck in for body shop work due to the damage caused by the storm. Dave worked directly with my insurance company and my truck came back to me looking better than the day I bought it. Dave went above and beyond to make sure that I was completely satisfied.

5 Freedom 7/13/2017

Got our car in real quick. Fixed what needed to be fixed without adding stuff on.

5 Green Bay 6/26/2017

Great Service...Thanks! All 5-Star ratings...

4.5 Freedom 6/26/2017

Got me in and out and work done I needed

5 Freedom 6/26/2017

I have a lot of good things to say about this place but the thing that stands out the most would be that they came to pick up my car while I was at work and fixed it and brought it back before I was done with work. Convenience is very important when you're busy.

5 Green Bay 6/21/2017

Very personable organization. Everyone that I talked to there was very friendly which mad my experience good. No pressure sales at all. Top quality work done at a fair price. Will continue to take both of my vehicles to Al Huss Auto

3.5 Green Bay 6/16/2017

Good friendly service as usual.

4 Freedom 6/15/2017

Always a great job!

5 Freedom 6/12/2017

mixed experience I would love to give 5 stars, but i cannot PROS: I made an appt for an exhaust leak repair.There was no waiting around, they started on my car as soon as i signed in. The waiting room is nice and clean and I met with Al the owner who is also a nice person. he had his mechanic test drive and then examine the car and gave me an estimate close to $300. But i told him my car had over 200k miles, and it ran fine, but that i may be selling it and therefore wanted to fix it cheaply. I had examined the leak myself at home and found it was a clean break in front of a flange about 4 feet before the muffler . I could see that if i had the flange removed,and then had a splice pipe installed, that should be the cheap. But i dont have a tool to cut out the flange, so that is why i went to see AL. So after AL gave me the $300 estimate, i showed AL an Online printout of the whole exhaust system, and showed him the break near the flange,(he agreed that is where the break was located) and I asked him if he could "just remove the flange and install a splice?" He said yes. So that is what he did , and the car was as quiet as a mouse again. CONS: Before doing any work, the mechanic did a courtesy inspection (good), which included a test drive (dont know why, because it was obvious there was an exhaust leak). So after the test drive and before starting he exhaust repair, the mechanic told AL that i "have a loud knocking in the engine and there was also oil leaks in the engine compartment". I told AL this is completely UNTRUE, that i drive my car every day since 013 and take very good care of it and that there is NOT any engine noise at all, and I do my own oil changes every 3k mile, and park in a garage every day, and have absolutely no drips under my car at all. So in my opinion the mechanic NEEDS TO GET HIS EYES AND EARS CHECKED.BTW AL and i went to the parking lot after the work was done, he started the car and opened the hood, and he said "I dont hear any loud engine noise, i dont know what the mechanic was talking about?"(at that time AL shouldve brought the mechanic to the parking lot to listen to the motor and explain what why he complained about my quiet car !) Then we took it for a test drive (AL drove) and AL said " this car runs and sounds great" So my suggestion is that if you get the same feedback from their mechanic, ask AL to bring you out into the garage immediately and have the inept mechanic to show you exactly what he is complaining about. My other mechanic does exactly that. He will examine the car, then walk me out to the garage while the car is up on the lift, and he will show me what needs fixing. I like it that way. Also the whole job took 2 hours, i think it couldve been done quicker.

3 Green Bay 6/12/2017